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Concrete Pump Maintenance Tips

Apr. 14, 2021

Concrete Pump Maintenance Tips

The concrete pump is a very useful equipment, which allows you to transport concrete conveniently at the time and place needed during construction. Like any equipment you use, the better you maintain it, the longer it will last and the better the effect is.

Once you generate a regular boom pump maintenance schedule, you should find it easy to take the basic steps needed to ensure you get the most. Here are some useful concrete pump maintenance tips to get you started.

Concrete pump maintenance checklist

The preventive maintenance checklist for concrete pumps should include the following:

Every day

At the end of the day or after an eight-hour shift:

Lubricate the rear end of the pump.

Check the oil.

Check the pre-tension of the battery.

Check whether there is grout in the water tank and pour out the water.

Replace any blown fuses.

Check the truck's diesel, engine oil, power steering fluid, radiator fluid and tires.

Every week

At the end of the week or after 40 hours of use:

Check the grease compartment.

Make sure the boom filter meter is green.

Confirm that all the pillar switches are working.

Check the truck alternator, nuts and belts.

Every three weeks

Or after about 100 hours of use:

Fuel the entire boom, including the turret.

Check for damaged gaskets or leaks on the boom.

Inspect the hose for blisters, dryness, rot, cracks, or wear.

Check the switching cylinder.

Check the pretension of the cutting ring.

Check the truck brake compartment, air line and belt tensioner.

Turn the truck to 100 psi, turn it off, press the pressure gauge until the switch pops out to ensure that the brakes can work at low pressure.

Make sure that there are no loose bolts on the truck frame.

Every six weeks

Or after 250 hours of use:

Change the oil.

If there is oil in the differential pressure cylinder, please repack it.

Check whether the water tank is worn and fatigued.

Replace the filters (main tank filter and boom filter).

Check if there is leakage and rust in the coil end cap of the boom hand valve.

Check the blow-out hose.

Check whether the outboard bracket is leaking.

Look for the arrogance on the bracket chain.

Ensure that the compression seal in the cutting ring is intact.

Check wireless control.

Check the hard wire box.

Replace all truck filters and pour out the liquid.

Check the shift tower.

Check the belt.

Check the exhaust pipe.

Spread of grease.

Make sure that there is no movement on the output shaft.

Ensure that the bearings and universal joints are intact.

Check if there is oil on the drive shaft.

Check the air tank, air pipe and dryer.

Check the radiator by blowing air from the engine to the radiator and then blowing back.

Make sure that the slack adjuster can move.

Every three months

Or after about 500 hours of use:

Check the boom.

Check the material tank.

Make sure that the turret has enough torque.

In addition to all the above, please read the owner and safety manual provided by the concrete pump manufacturer, and follow any suggested maintenance recommendations in them.

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