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Some problems that need to be paid attention to when using concrete pump

Jun. 18, 2020

When concrete is poured on the construction site, the concrete conveying pump should be as close to the place as possible to minimize the conveying distance of concrete.According to the conveying capacity of the concrete pump, the concrete mixing equipment should be equipped to ensure the uninterrupted supply of concrete. In this way, the concrete flow in the pipeline can be relatively stable and the blockage of the pipeline can be effectively prevented.The concrete pump discharge is a kind of pulse type, usually the concrete pump has two sets of cylinder block left and right side by side, alternating discharge, through the "S" type pipe into the same pipe, so that the concrete discharge phase of stability;After the pump should pay attention to observe the hydraulic table of the concrete pump and various parts of the working state, such as concrete blockage should be reversed operation of the concrete pump, so that the blocked concrete can return to the hopper, repeated mixing before pumping, if not clear the blockage, it is necessary to disassemble the pipe for cleaning.

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