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Design and Analysis of Anti-blocking Mechanism of Hydraulic Piston Concrete Pump

Dec. 12, 2019

Concrete pump has been widely used in construction engineering because it meets the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency work proposed in China. However, the blockage that often occurs in pumping construction will affect the progress and quality of the project. solve. In order to solve the clogging problem in pumping construction, this paper analyzes the mechanism of blockage of concrete when flowing in the flow channel, and designs an anti-blocking mechanism to achieve smooth pumping of concrete.

Firstly, the mechanism of pumping concrete blockage is analyzed. With reference to the relevant technical parameters of the hydraulic piston concrete pump, the design of each key component in the anti-blocking mechanism is completed. The ANSYS Workbench software was used to analyze the stress of the main transmission components in the anti-blocking mechanism under the pumping construction state. The analysis results show that the stress and strain of the ball screw pair are within the safe use range of the pumping construction. In addition, from the perspective of improving the mechanical efficiency of concrete pumping, MATLAB is used to optimize the pitch of the spiral blades in the anti-blocking mechanism to improve the concrete pumping efficiency.

Secondly, according to the principle of fluid rheology, the motion characteristics of concrete fluids are studied. Based on the flow characteristics of concrete and the numerical simulation theory of multiphase flow, a numerical model suitable for pumping concrete multiphase flow is established. The FLUENT fluid simulation software was selected to simulate the flow field in the concrete conveying cylinder before and after the anti-blocking mechanism, and the simulation results were compared and analyzed. The analysis results show that the flow field distribution in the concrete conveying cylinder is more uniform after adding the anti-blocking mechanism.

Then, through theoretical calculations, the influence of the change of the S-pipe geometry parameters on the pressure loss and concrete flow characteristics in the anti-blocking mechanism is analyzed. According to the pumping theory of concrete, the numerical model of the fluid in the S pipe is constructed, and the orthogonal test optimization design method is combined. The boundary conditions are kept unchanged in the FLUENT software, and the numerical simulation of the model is carried out several times to realize the geometric parameters of the S pipe. Optimize the design. The numerical simulation results before and after optimization are compared and analyzed. The analysis results show that the optimized concrete flow field distribution in the S pipe is optimized, and the pressure loss is significantly reduced, which ensures the smooth flow of concrete fluid and reduces the possibility of concrete blocking the S pipe.

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