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What Should Be Paid Attention To Before The Concrete Pump Is Pumped?

Mar. 11, 2021

What Should Be Paid Attention To Before The Concrete Pump Is Pumped?

The use of concrete pumps has shortened the progress of the project. During construction, many construction parties set up pipelines for the concrete pumps and carried out construction by controlling the concrete pumps. However, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the concrete pump needs to make corresponding preparations before pumping. So what should I pay attention to before pumping the concrete pump? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about.  

Experts pointed out: a series of preparations for the concrete pump are required before construction. For example, check the corresponding parts and follow the corresponding operating rules during the operation. So What should we pay attention to before pumping the concrete pump? Specifically, we can focus on the following points:

1.Before pumping, when the hydraulic oil temperature is lower than 15C, the method of extending the idling time should be used to increase the oil temperature.

2.When pumping, check the operation of the pump and the stirring device, monitor each instrument and indicator light, and stop the machine if any abnormality is found.

3.The concrete surface in the hopper should be kept above the center line of the mixing shaft.

4.Pumping concrete should be continuous operation. When the suspension is forced to be suspended due to a supply interruption, the downtime shall not exceed 30 minutes. During the timeout period, 2~3 strokes of reverse pump and positive pump movement should be performed every 5~10 minutes (3~5 minutes in winter), and the material should be stirred before feeding again. When the stop time of pump exceeds the limit, the pipeline should be emptied.

5.During operation, the grid on the hopper shall not be removed, and unqualified aggregates or debris shall be removed in time.

6.During pumping, when the pressure gauge rises to the highest value and the operating sound changes, the pumping should be stopped immediately, and the reverse operation method should be used to eliminate the pipeline blockage; when it is invalid, the pipe should be removed for cleaning.

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