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Use Concrete Pump Correctly

Dec. 09, 2020

Use Concrete Pump Correctly

When using concrete pumps for construction, every construction worker must take safety issues at heart, because even an inadvertent operation may cause terrible injuries, which may affect the construction progress and threaten the safety of workers. So what are the possible injuries, and how can we avoid them? The concrete pump supplier will tell you in this article.

1.How to avoid injuries

Injury 1: Eye injuries caused by commercial concrete, hydraulic oil splash, cement or other substances.

Preventive measures

During the use of the upper hopper, it is strictly forbidden to stand under and around the hopper. When inspecting the equipment, it is strictly forbidden to look into the mouth of the delivery pipe.

Injury 2: The damage caused by disassembling the pipeline when there is pressure in the concrete pipeline.

Preventive measures

Before disassembling the pipe joint, loosen the bolt of the pipe joint and shake it slightly to relieve the pressure of the pipe.

Injury 3: Injury caused by the overturning of the pump due to lifting or unstable center of gravity.

Preventive measures

The mixing trailer pump must be firmly fixed on the vehicle when it moves; the vehicle-mounted forced mixing pump uses five cylinders to freely adjust the center of gravity, the mixing system can move forward and backward, and the center of gravity of the vehicle is safer.

Injury 4: The pipeline is not fixed, causing the pipeline to slide or fall off, or the pipe joint or pipeline burst.

Preventive measures

All pipe clamps must be fastened firmly to ensure that the joints are tightly sealed and do not leak. If the pipe is worn for a long time, replace it with new pipes where the pressure is higher.

Injury 5: The injury caused by the part of the body entering the hopper or movement mechanism when the pump is working.

Preventive measures

Workers are strictly forbidden to step on the hopper to avoid falling down due to the vibration of the machine or getting their feet caught by the screen.

Injury 6: The internal and external protection of the cable is damaged; the electrical component is ineffective and damaged, and the pump is electrified, and the electric shock is caused.

Preventive measures

It is found that the connectors or wires of various electrical components are damaged and must be replaced in time.

2.What to pay attention to before pumping concrete pump

1)Before pumping, when the hydraulic oil temperature is lower than 15C, the method of extending the idling time should be used to increase the oil temperature.

2)When pumping, check the operation of the pump and the stirring device, monitor each instrument and indicator light, and stop the machine if any abnormality is found.

3)The concrete surface in the hopper should be kept above the center line of the mixing shaft.

4)Pumping concrete should be operated continuously. When the suspension is forced to be suspended due to interruption of supply, the downtime shall not exceed 30 minutes. During the timeout period, 2~3 strokes should be made every 5~10 minutes (3~5 minutes in winter) for a positive pump movement with 2~3 strokes. The material should be stirred before feeding again. When the pump stop time exceeds the limit, the pipeline should be emptied.

concrete pump

5)During operation, the grid on the hopper shall not be removed, and unqualified aggregate or debris shall be removed in time.

6)During pumping, when the pressure gauge rises to the highest value and the running sound changes, the pumping should be stopped immediately, and the reverse operation method should be adopted to eliminate the pipeline blockage; when it is invalid, the pipe should be removed for cleaning.

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