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What Is a Concrete Pump?

Jan. 25, 2021

What Is a Concrete Pump?

Concrete pumps are like modern heroes that every construction site needs. They have important uses in a series of commercial and residential projects, and are important tools to provide one of the most consumed materials on the planet. Concrete pumps were originally designed to deliver liquid concrete to places where mixer trucks cannot be used, but due to their high flow, extremely high efficiency and unparalleled reliability, they have become the leading solution in most construction projects.

When you plan to rent a concrete pump, you must first understand the requirements of the project and any restrictions that may exist. When managing a job site, factors such as space, accessibility, scale, and application can all be factors in deciding which concrete pump is best for your future work. If you want to rent a concrete pump, you usually have to determine the project scope first.

When undertaking any construction project, concrete pumping is a valuable service. In many cases, traditional concrete transportation methods are not feasible or impossible, so when managing time, labor, and concrete costs are critical, concrete pumping can help you alleviate the problem by simplifying the process. The concrete pump is essentially the process of transporting liquid concrete across sites. However, what makes concrete pumping services so important is the speed and efficiency of material transportation and distribution.

The working principle of the concrete pump is to pump and discharge liquid concrete through a separate cylinder through a concrete hopper and a piston drive mechanism. As the system runs, one can see that one cylinder discharges concrete, while the other draws fresh concrete from the hopper.


Advantages of concrete pumping

Since the introduction of concrete pumping, the project has become more productive and cost-effective, which has brought many benefits to all stakeholders.

Concrete pumping reduces costs

Taking into account the shear efficiency and practicability of concrete pumping, labor costs and potential safety hazards can be greatly reduced, thereby minimizing the costs of related personnel. The concrete pump can not only eliminate wasted labor, but also can be accurately dispersed, and it can also reduce the time wasted in the "fast" concrete transportation process.

Concrete pumping to increase speed, accuracy and efficiency

Concrete pumping is just one of the most effective and accurate concrete pouring services. Period The speed at which a particular element of a job is completed can have a significant impact on the entire project, which means that reducing excessive manual labor and intervention can make everything different. Concrete pumps make wheelbarrows, cranes and buckets obsolete-reach problem areas quickly, efficiently and safely.

Pump concrete to increase concrete strength

Obviously, the quality of concrete is equally important, and it is even far less than the speed of concrete placement. Compared with other popular concrete pumping technologies, concrete pumping services usually require less water. These technologies can be used as a preventive measure-to prevent concrete from shrinking or cracking.

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