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YB700 Mortar Spray Machine

YB700 Mortar Spray Machine is easy to pump large granular materials.

Product Description

YB700 is a large-displacement mortar spraying machine with modern technology. It has the functions of pumping, bonding and spraying. High conveying efficiency, long pumping distance, easy to pump large granular materials, can be used to spray ready-mixed mortar and on-site mixing mortar. The screw pump anti-wear control mechanism is provided, which has the function of separating the screw pump core shaft and the outer casing directly on the machine.

power supply380V
Air compressor power3.0KW
Vertical conveying distance25M
Horizontal conveying distance40M
maximum aggregate particles≤6mm
Hopper capacity90L
Conveying capacity3-4m³/ h
Delivery hose32mm
Dimensions1820 * 800 * 1200mm
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