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Concrete pump: how to prevent pipe blockage?

Aug. 23, 2021

concrete pump

concrete pump

When the concrete pump is pumping, the common problem is that the pipe will be blocked. This article will analyze common causes and solutions.

1. Pipe blockage caused by the segregation of concrete or mortar

When concrete or mortar meets water, it is easy to cause segregation. Sometimes when pumping mortar, pipe blockage occurs. It is caused by mortar segregation after the mortar is in direct contact with the water in the pipeline. The prevention method is to wet the pipeline with water in front of the pump and connect the pipeline from the lowest point of the pipeline. Loosen and drain the remaining water, or after pumping the water, before pumping the mortar, put in a sponge ball to separate the mortar from the water. When cleaning the pipe after pumping, put in a sponge ball to separate the water from the concrete, otherwise it is easy to cause pipe blockage.

2. Improper operation can easily cause pipe blockage

The operator of the transfer pump should concentrate on the pumping construction and always pay attention to the reading of the pumping pressure gauge. Once the reading of the pressure gauge is found to increase suddenly, the pump should be reversed for 2 to 3 strokes, and the pump should be adjusted again, and the pipe blockage can be eliminated. . If the reverse pump has been carried out and the pipe blockage has not been eliminated after several operation cycles of the forward pump, the pipe should be removed and cleaned in time, otherwise the pipe blockage will be more serious.

3. Pipe blockage caused by too little mortar or unqualified mix ratio

The concrete used for pumping must meet the requirements of pumping concrete. Not all concrete can be pumped. Unqualified pumped concrete will aggravate the wear of the pump and often cause pipe blockage and pipe burst.

4. Pipe blockage caused by local leakage

As the mortar leaks, it affects the quality of the concrete on the one hand. On the other hand, after slurry leakage, the slump of the concrete will be reduced and the pumping pressure will be lost, resulting in pipe blockage.

5. Pipe blockage caused by temperature changes

In summer, the temperature is high, and the concrete is easily dehydrated when the pipeline is exposed to strong sunlight, which causes the pipeline to be blocked. Therefore, the pipes should be covered with wet grass bags or other cooling products. In winter, thermal insulation measures should be taken to ensure the temperature of the concrete.

6. Pipe blockage caused by pipe connection

When piping is arranged, the pipes should be arranged according to the shortest distance, the least elbow and the largest elbow. Minimizing the conveying resistance reduces the possibility of pipe blockage.

The taper pipe at the outlet of the pump is not allowed to be directly connected to the elbow. At least a straight pipe of 5mm or more should be connected before the elbow. When connecting pipes in the middle of pumping, only one pipe can be added at a time, and water should be used to lubricate the inner wall of the pipe and exhaust the air, otherwise it is easy to cause pipe blockage. For vertical downward pipelines, anti-segregation devices should be installed at the outlets to prevent pipe blockage.

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