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How To Choose The Right Grouting Pump Machine

Sep. 04, 2021

Grouting pump

Grouting pump GM-55

How to choose the right Grouting pump machine? As a grouting pump machine supplier, we would like to share this article with you.


Selection of grouting pump

1. Grouting pump equipment should be matched with the design wall (pile) type. When constructing a pendulum spray wall, the high spray trolley is required to have a swinging device. For the construction of rotary spray piles, the high spray trolley is required to have a selection device.

2. the slurry pump equipment should be matched to the geological conditions of the strata being worked on. In complex formations, full consideration should be given to the slewing capacity and lifting capacity of the high blast trolley, with appropriate allowances.

3. slurry pump equipment should be adapted to the high spraying process method, single pipe, double pipe high spraying process is relatively simple, 3 pipe, multiple pipe process is relatively more complex, and therefore the equipment also requires higher and supporting equipment is not the same.

4. slurry pump equipment selection should be adapted to the depth of construction. When the depth is deep, should choose a high-power, high tower, and other trolley and pressure grouting pump or clear water pump.

5. the grouting pump should also be selected with a high degree of automaticity and metering device when the conditions are available.


Notes on the use of grouting pumps

To enable you to better control the grouting pump, reduce maintenance, improve efficiency and create better benefits for you, please carefully understand the instructions for using the product and pay attention to the following matters.

1. Before using the cement grouting pump, make sure the electricity is safe, check the line for damage and leakage.

2. Turn on the power, turn on the machine, first inject water for 5-10 minutes, and then inject water slurry.

3. Pay attention to refueling the slurry pump oil tank, refuel to the observation position of the oil window. Add 68# in summer and 46# in winter.

4. Remove mud and debris from the surface of the grouting pump to ensure that the pump is clean. Add lubricating oil to the oiling hole of the material cylinder to maintain the cement grouting pump.

5. When the grouting pump is ready to stop, add water to the slurry suction tank, the grouting pump will work for more than 10 minutes and the slurry outlet will be filled with water.

6. Connect the cement grouting pump suction port and slurry outlet, U card connection. Inject lubricating oil into the filling hole of the material cylinder to ensure the lubrication of the piston and other wearing parts in the cylinder.

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