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ZW-15 Concrete Pump

ZW-15 stationary pump is designed for heavy working conditions. Concrete output: 6-8m³/h

Product Description

Product Description:

Trailer Concrete Pump Pump Description:

A concrete pump is a machine used to transport liquid concrete. Now, concrete pumps have gradually replaced other methods of conveying liquid concrete.

Stationary concrete pumps are generally installed on the ground. Under the action of high pressure, concrete is transported to high places through pipelines. The stationary concrete pumping machine is one of the most practical concrete conveying equipment and is favored by most customers.

JOKI Concrete Pump Advantages:

Reliable equipment quality small secondary construction column pumps mostly use dual-pump, dual-circuit open hydraulic systems. The small concrete pump truck system is simple, the components have a long service life and high reliability. A fully enclosed structural electrical control box, protection control device can work under harsh conditions. The Plc dual system control design simplifies the circuit while significantly improving its reliability and lifetime. Make the equipment work continuously.

There are many advantages in pumping concrete over this bucket and crane system. As well as being able to pump concrete much faster than buckets could lift it.

Our stationary concrete pumps provide an economical solution for your long-distance transportation. They can provide high reliability and safety even under bad working conditions.

JOKI Concrete Pump specifications:

power supply380V
Greatest pressure/ Work pressure10Mpa&8Mpa
Vertical conveying distance60M
Horizontal conveying distance30M
The max diameter of aggregate≤2cm
Duct diameter80mm

JOKI Concrete Pump Use:

Effectively solve the problem that the top of the bottom column is difficult to be poured in high quality during the pouring process of the structural column, and the flatness and the perceived quality of the structural column are guaranteed.

Concrete pump trailer is suitable for high-rise concrete fine stone transportation, construction floor group structure column pouring, high pumping efficiency, pumping system is ten times of manual construction, which effectively improves production efficiency and saves labor cost. It is secondary structural column pouring. A good helper.

The secondary construction column pouring machine is small in size, simple in operation, low in labor intensity, flexible in construction on the floor, and can be placed close to the lintel and the pillar.

Stationary concrete pump is very suitable for many various construction sites, such as bridge construction, water conservancy projects, tunnels, bridge construction, ports, etc.

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