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Grouting pump GM-55

Grouting pump machine

Product Description

Grouting Pump Introduction:

What is the Role of the Grouting Pump?

The JOKI grout pump can be used to fill small gaps and door jams, and there are five types of manual, electric, gas, hydraulic and pneumatic to choose from. The portable grout pump is strong enough to lift concrete up many floors.

JOKI Grouting Pump Machine Parameter

The max diameter of aggregate≤4mm
Injection Pressure2.5-5.0
Vertical conveying distance50-80m
Horizontal conveying distance180m
Bucket Capacity110L
Operating air Pressure0.5-0.7 MPa
Blast consumption≥3.0 m³/min

Grouting Pump Features:

Repair and maintain easily.

Small volume and lightweight, convenient for moving.

Grouting Pump Applications:

Heavy construction tunnels, dams, shafts, mining, geotechnical engineering, building construction, repair and maintenance works. This machine can transport a variety of construction materials, such as cement, anchor mortars, premixed cement/sand/flyash mixes.

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