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2" shotcrete hose

2" rubber hose is specially used for shotcrete

Product Description

Gunite hose/Dry abrasive materials delivery hose

Standards: abrasion loss of the tube according to ISO 4649: 65 +/- 5mm3.

Applicationsoftwall bulk materials handling hose made with antistatic and abrasion

resistant rubber. Suitable to convey cement, sand, gravel, silica, and other dry abrasive materialsspraying of concrete, plaster, and gypsum.

Temperature: from -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (+158°F).


Tube: black, smooth,NR/SBR rubber with good resistance in handling abrasive materials.

Reinforcement: High strength steel wire braiding

Cover: black or other colors, smooth (wrapped finish),NR/SBR rubber, abrasion resistant.

Branding: continuous red stripe “EUROCRETE (family logo)...”.

Also available upon request: 1.Different diameters 2.Cover in different colors 3.Different working pressures

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