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Trailer Concrete Pump ZW-40S

JOKI ZW-40S is a lightweight, compact, road-towing trailer pump. Concrete output: 30-40 m³/h

Product Description

Product Description

Concrete Trailer Pump Description:

What is a Trailer Pump?

A concrete pump is a machine used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping. They are a revolutionary alternative to line-concrete pumps.

The concrete pump is either mounted on a truck or placed on a trailer, and it is commonly referred to as a line pump or trailer-mounted concrete pump.

JOKI ZW-40S is a lightweight, compact, road-towing trailer concrete pump. Its combination of powerful pumping, at 40m³/hour, and small size make it perfect for contractors undertaking multiple pours in a day. In length and in width, it can pump up to 30mm concrete at a horizontal reach of 400-500m and a vertical reach of 180m (dependant on concrete quality, slump and aggregates). 

JOKI Concrete Trailer Pump Parameter:

Concrete output/m³30-40
Concrete Pressure/Mpa13
Hydraulic Pump Output/cc112
Horizontal Pumping Distance/m400-500
Vertical Pumping Distance/m180
Power45Kw motor or 56Kw Diesel Engine
Concrete Cylinders/mm160*1000
Maxinmun Aggregate/mm30
Hydraulic Oil Capacity/L200L
Outlet Size/mm100(80)

3 Reasons to Use JOKI Concrete Pumping

1、You cannot always place the mixer where you need to pour concrete. In some places where concrete needs to be transported over long distances, concrete pumps are needed. This is very common in construction sites in cities or residential areas.

2、Reduce labor and improve work efficiency. The time-savings may allow you to complete work on multiple job sites in a day, reducing costs.

3、If your pouring site is inside a building, high or underground, you need to use concrete pumping.

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