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Reducing the resistance of concrete running in the pumping pipeline to prevent blockage of the concrete conveying pipeline

Jun. 19, 2020

In the concrete pumping pipeline, the concrete will be densely stacked together under the pressure, and the friction between the concrete and the inner wall of the pipeline will be generated. If the performance of the concrete can be improved, the inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, the pumping speed is reasonable, and the pumping temperature is suitable , Then the resistance of the pumped concrete in the pipeline can be minimized, which can effectively ensure the smooth flow of the concrete. If the coarse aggregate in the pipeline is subjected to greater resistance and the movement of the concrete is slower, the aggregate will gradually accumulate, which will destroy the normal operation of the concrete in the pipeline and cause the accumulation of concrete in the pipeline to block the pipeline. Increasing the pumping pressure will not work, so effective control of the pipeline pressure is important to prevent concrete blockage.

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